LfSA 2010 - Logics for System Analysis

Edinburgh, 15. July 2010


9:00-10:00  Invited Talk
  • Thomas A. Henzinger
  • The Quantitative Agenda in System Analysis
    10:30-12:30  Session 1
  • Christian Engel and Peter Schmitt
  • A Formalization of the RTSJ Scoped Memory Model in Dynamic Logic
  • Alessandro Cimatti, Marco Roveri and Stefano Tonetta
  • Requirements Validation for Hybrid Systems
  • Hongyang Qu, Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman and David Parker
  • Assume-Guarantee Verification for Probabilistic Systems
  • Will Harwood, John Clark and Jeremy Jacob
  • Boolean Coherence: Does it make sense?
    2:00-3:00  Invited Talk
  • César A. Muñoz
  • A Mathematical Framework for the Verification of Air Traffic Separation Assurance Systems
    3:30-5:15  Session 2
  • Yun Zhu, Edwin Westbrook, Jun Inoue, Alexandre Chapoutot, Cherif Salama, Marisa Peralta, Travis Martin, Walid Taha, Marcia O'Malley, Robert Cartwright, Aaron Ames and Raktim Bhattacharya
  • Mathematical Equations as Executable Models of Mechanical Systems
  • Stefan Ratschan
  • Interval Constraint Propagation as a Tool for Deductions about Mixed Discrete/Continuous Systems
  • Grant Olney Passmore and Paul B. Jackson
  • Introductory Tutorial: Combined Decision Techniques for the Existential Theory of the Reals
  • Florent Kirchner and Grant Olney Passmore
  • Thinking Outside the (Arithmetic) Box: Certifying RAHD Computations