LfSA 2010 - Logics for System Analysis

Edinburgh, 15. July 2010

Invited Talks

  • Tom Henzinger: TBA
  • TBA
  • César A. Muñoz: A Mathematical Framework for the Verification of Air Traffic Separation Assurance Systems
  • In order to accommodate the predicted increase in air traffic operations over the next decades, the next generation of air transportation systems rely on new operational concepts where the responsibility for traffic separation is air/ground distributed. These new concepts will require an unprecedented level of safety-critical systems. State-based distributed Separation Assurance (SA) is one of such concepts and it refers to conflict prevention, detection, and resolution systems that rely exclusively on the state information, i.e., 3-D position and velocity vectors, that is broadcast by each aircraft.

    This talk presents the Airborne Coordinated Conflict Resolution and Detection (ACCoRD) framework for the design and verification of state-based separation assurance systems. The framework, which has been specified and mechanically verified in PVS, consists of a set of definitions and formally proven criteria that guarantee the correctness of a family of SA algorithms. For instance, in the case of pairwise conflict resolution, ACCoRD provides criteria that guarantee that two distributed algorithms, which satisfy the same coordination criteria, independently compute resolution maneuvers that yield conflict free trajectories when simultaneously implemented by the aircraft. This talk gives more examples of such criteria and algorithms that satisfy them. It also argues that a criteria-based verification framework, such as ACCoRD, will enable the natural evolution of the worldwide Air Transportation System.